Health & Safety


If children become ill at school, parents are informed immediately. For this reason, it is most important that the school office is notified of any change of address, telephone number, place/hours of work etc as soon as possible.

If a child has been suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea, we ask that you keep them at home for 48 hours until they are free from all symptoms before he / she returns to school. If your child is under 5 then you should allow 72 hours free of symptoms before returning.

Accidents in school hours

In all cases of emergency, the school will endeavour to get in touch with the parents concerned but if this is not possible, we will consult a doctor or the child will be taken to hospital.


From the District Health Authorities Notes of Guidance: –

“When children are ill, it is parents’ responsibility to ensure that they receive proper care, and schools may advise parents that when their children are unwell they should not be sent to school. The administering of medicines to children is also parents’ responsibility, unless the circumstances (such as for a pupil in a special school) make this impractical, since very few medications need to be administered in the middle of the day when the child is well enough to be at school”.

If it is essential for a child to take medication during the day for a serious condition, please see the Headteacher or School Secretary to make arrangements.

Children who suffer with asthma can put their named inhalers in a secure place in the classroom. The school must be informed about usage so that if your child has an asthma attack, all the staff are able to deal with the situation.

If your child has a long term medical condition, please discuss the problem with the Headteacher and make sure that your child’s class teacher knows, so that the information is readily available should the teacher be absent.

School Health Service

The Allington NHS Trust is responsible for providing the School Health Service in this area. Children who are healthy and happy will be able to make the most of their school years. The School Health Service is here to help parents and children achieve this.

The service is headed by a Consultant Community Paediatrician. All schools have a named School Nurse and School Doctor.

The School Doctor can advise you and the school staff on any medical problem, which may affect your child’s progress in school. The doctor can make contact with your GP and any specialist doctor or therapist who look after your child.

The School Nurse is a Registered Nurse often with a further qualification in school nursing. She is responsible for promoting the good health of school children. She works closely with teachers, School Doctors, Health Visitors and other professionals concerned with children.

What do we provide?

Throughout their school life, children will be seen by the School Nurse on several occasions. At this school, height, weight, hearing and sight will be checked in their second term in school. There is a programme of immunisation during the middle and High School years.

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