School Day


School starts at 9.00am when children leave the playground to go into the school. We welcome pupils and parents onto the playground from 8.50 when a member of staff will be on duty.
Anyone arriving after 9.00am should enter through the Reception area.
Registers are open until 9.10 although if your child enters the classroom after 9am they will be classed as late.


Our morning session runs from 9.00-12.00.

Each morning the children take part in early morning learning activities from 9.00-9.30

The children will take part in lessons until 10.30 when we go out for a morning break of 15 minutes. During this time they eat their healthy snack and have milk, which is provided for them.
After play, the children go back into classes and take part in learning activities from 10.45-12.00.


The lunch break is from 12pm-1.10pm. The children have the opportunity to play outside.
Lunch is served in the canteen for the children who have hot dinners and in the Café for those who have pick and mix or packed lunch. When it is summer, the children can eat outside.

On the playground children can then take part in a variety of planned activities including dressing up, football, space hopper racing and riding bikes.


The afternoon session runs from 1.10pm until 3.10pm.

At 2.45pm children will join assemblies.

Monday afternoon assembly is based around the theme of the month. Tuesday is whole school singing assembly. On Wednesday afternoons from 2.40 we have our class assemblies where we invite parents from classes to see what the children have been learning at School. On Thursday’s children have assemblies in their classrooms with their teacher based on PSHE themes.

Friday’s assembly is our child of the week assembly which celebrates our successes in School. This is at 10.45 when the nursery children also join us.

At 3.10 children may go to afterschool activities or go home.

House Points

At Maidstone Infant School we have a house system where the children are awarded house points for good work, teamwork, following our monthly values and good behaviour. The children receive a house token and they put them in the tubes, which are situated near Mrs Girling and Mrs Thompson’s office.

The house tokens are counted monthly and the totals reported on the website.